Essay Writing Practice

Everything people do in life requires a certain amount of dedication, love, patience, and practice to achieve the top level. Some things demand talent though. Without it, no matter how hard you try, success will be seemingly unreachable. Of course, there are also things that people can get to perfection just by physical efforts. But when we speak about essay writing, the combination of those two is highly needed. You need to possess the talent and also work tirelessly to achieve the highest possible level of essay writing. Hence, essay writing practice represents a crucial part of every writers’ success. By practicing, you are improving the quality of the work slowly, but surely. So, let’s focus on what are the best practicing suggestions for the essay writers and how they can utilize them to become better.

Write As Much As You Can

Nowadays, a lot of students and people, in general, like the opportunity to work as writers. With the development of technology, many different platforms started to offer regularly a chance for the writers to show their skills. That is the reason why dozens of people keep rushing to make their gigs and project samples. But the truth is, plenty of them don’t have the right work ethic and often forget to take some time for practicing. So, have you ever wondered how to practice essay writing? If so, then you are in the right place. First and foremost you should know about essay writing practice is that you have to write as much as your time allows you to. Regardless of the type of writing you prefer, whether it is a book, article, novel, or anything else, constant writing will increase your potential and work rate too. In the beginning, those are the crucial points of any essay writers’ career. Even if you don’t have that much time to do it, move something aside and make writing become your priority. It is a well-known fact how many successful people decide to give up on something and make appropriate sacrifices to achieve their peak. The same has to be with essay writing. Just bear in mind that an essay writing practice impersonates a long process and cannot be mastered quickly.

Declare What Topics Suits You Best And Focus On Them

A lot of inexperienced students who are willing to learn the right methods about essay writing practicing often have questions about how to practice writing an essay online correctly. There are truly a big number of possibilities on disposal. However, one that represents a foundation is focusing on the topics that best suit your skills. It is often the case how people, especially students, let themselves be involved in the things they cannot handle at a certain moment. When this is the case, the low quality of the content provided is often the final result. To prevent it, it will be best for you to emphasize what topics are the most relevant for your qualifications and focus on them first. By mastering those, you will get a solid starting point from which you can furtherly build your writing. It is like any object or a building. If it has a strong foundation, the rest will be a piece of a cake and much easier to be done. If not, at one point everything can crash upon you in an instant. In situations like this one, people often get left disappointed. So, consider this first step of practice writing an essay as your main goal. If you successfully pass it, nothing will be able to stop you.

Essay Writing Techniques & Exercises

In order to practice essay writing, you should be following a couple of simple techniques and exercises to get the best results. As previously mentioned, your starting point should be choosing the topic that matches your skills. That is the first technique you need to master. Let’s see what the rest of them are.

  1. Pay Attention To The Mechanics

After you pick the topic you are going to commit to, something that you have to get to perfect is the right grammar, punctuation, and spelling. Many writers, especially non-English native speakers, often make mistakes on such things. That can lead to a false conclusion of the person who is considering hiring you for the writing position. Sometimes writers don’t pay too much attention to these small details and eventually, their application gets denied. And that is what writing essay practice can improve vastly. So, make sure that you haven’t made any mistakes of those kinds before finishing your essay.

  1. Determine The Number Of Paragraphs & Make An Outline

Every writer needs to know exactly how many paragraphs he will be using for their essay. It determines the level of organization of the writer and his capability associated with making the right decisions and plans. This can be truly helpful in your essay writing practice though. Don’t put a random number of paragraphs in each of your essays. It is going to look like a total mess and will make a worse picture of your content. Besides paragraphs, outlines are often an important part of the essays. It usually consists of the most irrelevant parts of the essay. In the outlines, writers often write their thesis in a specific order. 

  1. Use Active Voice

Some of the essay writing practice exercises are related to the correct use of an active voice in the text. You can hear among the writers’ community that an active voice of writing is much more beneficial and can leave a stronger impression to the readers than a passive voice. That is the reason why the majority of writers are striving on using an active voice as much as possible. It makes readers feel like they are in touch with the content provided. They are constantly attracted to the text and get a desire to find out what is going to happen at the end of an essay. Practically, it is the same story as writing a book or novels. Practice writing essays will get a new dimension if you try to use an active voice as much as you can. Keep that in mind and don’t forget it at any cost.

  1. Do The Research Of The Topic

One of the most important exercises is about the research of the topic writers do. You can see in the work of professional writers how they are always paying attention to their research. And, of course, with the reason. Research corresponds to the level of the writers’ content and it can be said that it directly determines its value. That’s why an essay writer will be eager to dig into all of the valuable information he can get about the topic. Evaluating reliable data is a direct consequence of good research that has been made. Only if you do the research that is worth mentioning, and appreciating too, your essay can evolve into something bigger.

  1. Be Well Organized

If you want to get your online practice essay writing to the maximum capacity, being organized can be a crucial factor. Organization as a conception is present in every job people can imagine. No matter what we do, we organize ourselves according to our free time, obligations, and plans. To maximize your essay writing skills, you must be a person with good organizational abilities. It means that you know exactly what you are going to do, in which way, and how much time you will need for that. In terms of essay writing, to be organized means everything. If you write a text with no particular order or chronology, the readers will get easily confused and probably won’t read a whole piece of it. On the other hand, if you write an essay chronologically, readers will see a clear picture with a much clearer perspective.

  1. Make Revisions And Prompts 

Essay writing practice online often requires allowing certain revisions and prompts to be included. Those are the parts of the practice that keep the writer assured there will be no mistakes or possible misunderstandings. Each writer sets the number of revisions he considers enough. Its number can vary from 0 to 5 mostly. It represents more than sufficient information about what a critical point of view detects. On the other hand, practice essay writing prompts are useful for the detection of the possible issues that are maybe made by an author. Prompts usually consist of questions that can point out where could be a possible problem. You can also find their use in colleges and schools when the teachers make prompts to the students about their exams’ answers.

What Are The Benefits Of Online Practising?

Technological devices and tools have become a constituent part of every educational institution today. It is primarily related to the countries that are economically and technologically more advanced and ahead of the other ones (USA, China, Japan, etc). Writing essay practice online is a child’s play for the citizens of those regions. The use of network connection has become a normal, irreplaceable way of the students’ education and interaction too. That’s why an online practice is so supportive for the students. They are able to learn and get to know new things by watching educational video materials from the recognized teachers and scientists across the globe. This way, they do not necessarily get in close contact with those individuals although they might want it. In the present time when the pandemic of Coronavirus is spread throughout the globe, it is safer for kids and college students to practice essay online writing by using this method. Also, they don’t have to think about following or breaking the rules and protocols that each country has stated. Eventually, this pandemic will come to an end and close contacts with foreign persons who are far away at the moment will be possible. It can only rejoice students that will be able to meet such teachers or scientists in person and get the best knowledge live. 

Essay Practice Writing Tests

If you still don’t know how you can practice your essay writing, perhaps you should get practice test writing essays for sale. Several tests are connected and designed for the students to evaluate their skills and knowledge. The two worlds’ best-known tests of such kind are SAT and MST tests. Each has its own purpose and use in the educational system. Therefore, let’s see what these tests are made of and how they can help the students in their college essay writing.

  • SAT Tests – SATs are finding their use in evaluating the readiness of the students. The purpose of this test is to clarify if the students are capable of handling a particular challenge or if they need more time to develop. In colleges across the USA, it is mostly used as an admission test. The approximate time of solving it is about 3 hrs and since 2019 its cost is $49.50 or $64.50 if you decide to use an optional essay too. You should have in mind that if you consider taking this test outside of the USA borders, it will cost more. The final scores of the SATs can vary from 400-1600 points, usually divided into two sections of 200-800 points each. The areas that this test focuses on are Maths, Writing, and Critical Reading.
  • ACT Test – If you ask the student which from those tests they prefer, most of them will probably pick this one. There is a sort of a myth that is spread online about the competition of ACT and SATs. You can find some claims about how colleges of higher standard prefer using the SAT. But the reality is far more different. There is no such indicator that those 2 tests have a competitive note at all. Each one is specifically designed to test the different skills of the students and qualify them according to the results provided. The areas that the ACT usually focuses on are maths, scientific reasoning, reading, and English in general. This test is primarily focused on what students know already. It overspreads information and data that students already had the opportunity to learn in their college or school. The usual cost of this test is $55 but it can be $70 if a student decides to use a full writing test.

If I Can’t Write It I Can Buy It

Something so characteristic to the students is taking things for granted and finding the easiest solutions possible. It is often the case that some students will choose to buy an essay from the experts. Luckily for them, they have plenty of options related to this. Many online essay writing services provide services of professional writers to the students. Those websites are specifically created to attract students who require possessing an essay of high quality. Nevertheless, the cost of such essays can vary. That’s the reason why some students want to practice essay writing online for free. The prices can be often too expensive for the students’ budgets and instead, they are trying to get essays for free. They can get it by contacting customer support and delivering the appropriate request.


Online essay writing practice is just one of many ways how students can improve their writing. The most important thing is not to give up on trying and be persistent. By practicing you are exploring new horizons and unclosing a new door for your future. Just be patient and don’t let anything prevent you from practicing. The results will be there if you put enough effort into it.